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You should know that...

  • Roughly half of all managers don't trust their leaders. And a distrustful working environment leads to expensive and often terminal problems.
  • Most teams want to be higher performing and yet, they do not know how to go about doing that - therefore, they can ignore problems that minimize their effectiveness and miss the opportunity to develop more cohesive, productive behaviors.
  • A low-trust work environment is characterized as stressful, threatening, divisive and unproductive. Conversely, a high-trust workplace is fun, supportive, motivating, productive and comfortable.
  • Companies that foster a trusting culture will have a competitive advantage over others for attracting and keeping top talent.

How can we get top performers and organizational leaders to build trusting relationships and collaborate with one another?

Team coaching is a targeted, thorough and effective method for getting the most out of your teams AND for avoiding common workplace challenges such as:

  • Determining clear roles & responsibilities
  • Transitioning, navigating and leading during change
  • Understanding and aligning with business and company mission, behavioral values, & strategies
  • Issues with communication and sharing of information
  • Understanding and navigating the diverse personality styles of team members
  • Maximizing interpersonal communication and dynamics
  • Resolving conflicts within the team
  • Addressing the "under the surface" topics that minimize effectiveness and get in the way of productivity and higher performance

The GH Consulting Group Solution
Team Mastery is the GHC approach for getting the most out of your organization's teams, with specific focus on team leaders and potential leaders within the teams.

We work with executive and senior management teams, cross functional groups, departmental teams, sales teams and other groups to enhance their collaborative skills and behaviors, making the business run more effectively, efficiently and smoothly.

The GHC approach is actionable and results-oriented. We will customize programs to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our coaches will stay involved in a consultative role until your team adopts the new learnings and can demonstrate a more cohesive and productive group dynamic.

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