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Executives who are in a New Role: Enhancing the Chances of Success

Did you know that more than 70% of newly hired (or promoted) executives do not see their two year anniversary?

This trend is not entirely a result of performance issues - often it is due to difficulty navigating the politics, assimilating into the organizational culture, not fostering important relationships, and having trouble aligning expectations.


  • Companies put a lot of pressure on key hires to hit the ground running and perform immediately
  • Too often, senior executives in new leadership roles falter due to:
    • Lack of organizational sponsorship
    • Not having clearly articulated expectations with management
    • Little preparation / knowledge about how to score early wins
    • Limited / no experience assimilating into a new culture
    • Trouble managing their own stress relative to change/transition


  • Companies often spend most of their money and resources on the recruiting process and not on the new executives once they are on board
  • Organizations want new executives to succeed, yet they don't necessarily create support structures and processes to help them do so
  • Organizations expect executives who have been successful in the past to know how to be immediately successful in their new role
  • Unclear expectations, cultural dynamics and organizational politics tend to simmer underneath the surface and can sabotage the best organizational and leadership intentions

OnBoarding is a process through which newly hired executives are coached in their new leadership roles so they can:

  • more effectively navigate the new territory
  • learn the culture and politics
  • form the right alliances
  • get their team onboard
  • gain the support of their peers
  • partner with upper management
  • have a quick and positive impact on the business

Using a wide variety of approaches, GHC works with the individual leader, the new leader's stakeholders and team to optimize success by focusing on identifying leadership challenges and meeting the challenges head on with specific knowledge and tools. The process (simplified) looks like this:

  • Identify strategic and leadership challenge
  • Meet the challenges-
    • Assess, affect and align with established business/company priorities
    • Evaluate team: strengths, weaknesses, personal motivators, morale, clarity and commitment and make appropriate assignments or changes
    • Present personal brand & style so your team knows how to partner with you
    • Build coalitions; gain trust and support of peers; align goals; be a team player
    • Build credibility with early wins; share the credit with your team
    • Be flexible and open-minded about managing your leadership transition; learn the culture; understand the psychology of change; be self aware
  • Create a monthly action plan that allows you to publicly put a stake in the ground relative to leadership and business deliverables - and then make it happen!

The OnBoarding Process is thorough and inclusive and demonstrates a high level of support and dedication from the organization for its leaders.

It can also help to stem the tide relative to the costs associated with a failed hire. Conservatively speaking, it costs a company at least three times that executive's salary to replace him/her- not including the costly, indirect effects this has on the organization.

Onboarding coaching can be a complete solution to this expensive challenge.

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