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The purpose of individual coaching is to help executives and other professionals become more effective leaders and managers in a way that is sustainable.

We believe that individuals are impacted by the corporate culture AND that each individual's behavior also affects the overall corporate culture. This means that the entire system must be evaluated and considered in the coaching process in order to achieve sustainable change and positive growth in leadership, management and business performance.

GHC coaches marry business acumen with human behavior expertise; our highly experienced coaches are trained in organizational/clinical psychology in addition to having significant experience working in the corporate world. This unique and crucial pairing of skills and experience clearly differentiates us from many other coaches.

Using a wide variety of assessments and working with the corporate culture in mind, we coach executives including C-level leaders, presidents, and senior management as well as mid-level management and High Potentials.

Individual coaching is often best suited for:

  • Valuable employees with interpersonal or behavioral challenges that interfere with his/her success or the company's success
  • Successful executives who want to continue developing and benefiting the organization
  • High Potentials and "rising stars" the company wants to invest in and develop
  • Newly hired or promoted executives to onboard successfully

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