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Often times an entire group of leaders and managers need a comprehensive process that helps them to:

  • Learn a common language around leadership behaviors and competencies
  • Come together and learn what the behaviors "look like"
  • Practice the behaviors and implement them everyday
  • Align measurable behaviors with business strategies, demands, and objectives
  • Link the behaviors with critical talent management pieces (recruiting, hiring, developing)
  • Hold themselves and others accountable to a new leadership model

Whether the group that partners with us is a CEO and his/her direct reports, a sales management team or an entire global team, GH Consulting works to create a customized initiative that fits each business environment and its specific demands.

We do not believe in any one "leadership model". Rather, we believe that, while there are certain leadership best practices, leadership requirements vary depending on the type of organization, where the company is in its lifecycle, and the specific business pressures.

Once the client team works through the Holistic Leadership Development process, the program is often cascaded further down through the organization so all employees and associates understand what is required in order to enhance performance, make leadership a "real" behavior as opposed to a concept, and transform a culture.

Our process is designed to fit each organization's unique needs. Most of our engagements include the following phases:

  • A discovery phase (e.g., surveys, interviews, etc.) through which we uncover what is needed and what behaviors are necessary in order to transform leadership
  • The creation of a Leadership Model
  • Linking the model to already existing processes
  • Assessments on teams and individuals to determine personality preferences, styles, etc.
  • Working with teams and individuals to coach and teach the Leadership behaviors
  • Action learnings and facilitations
  • Aligning with business issues
  • Measuring results
  • Communication strategy
  • Cascading initiatives
  • Sustainability

Our work helps organizations to make leadership a reality, work through challenging times, enhance collaboration, and overall, inspire people throughout the organization to work more productively and effectively.

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