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In today's rapidly changing career market, most executives - at one point or another - find themselves in a period of transition, either by choice or by organizational design. Regardless of the reason, it is both an opportunity and a challenge for executives who have already achieved a certain level of professional and financial success.

This can be a very clarifying time for seasoned, highly talented executives. It can be a time to ensure that the next role is more aligned with one's strengths and values.

Traditional outplacement services don't employ seasoned and trained executive coaches to work through this evaluation and decision making period with executives. For executives who want to ensure that the "coaching" they receive during this transition is not just focused the next rung up the ladder, or resume writing, or interviewing skills - executive transitional coaching is a wise and productive approach.

GH Process & Approach
Our services involve an in-depth process that helps people do three things:

  1. ask thought provoking, important questions of themselves
  2. find genuine answers to how they want their profession to fit in with the rest of their life
  3. leverage those questions and answers in a way that empowers the individual to determine truly meaningful next steps --- whether it is to continue in the corporate world, start a company, move into non-profit, take a long sabbatical, teach, write a book, become more involved in family life, etc.

Most people want their next position to leverage their strengths and compatibility from both a skill and experience standpoint and from a personality and culture fit. GH will:

  • perform a thorough analysis using a wide suite of assessment tools in order to help each individual customize a plan that maximizes strengths, ensures a life fit, and takes into account potential derailers
  • work with the individual to develop a tailored action plan outlining behaviors that need to change, how they will change, and what commitments he/she will make to ensure change
  • help create the details of the plan including more traditional logistics like networking strategies/introductions, resume reviews, interviewing tips, etc.
  • build a personal brand strategy that will help differentiate the individual in whatever space he/she pursues

Our plans are realistic, rigorous and actionable. They are designed to bridge an individual's personal reality with that of the business world.

GH is uniquely positioned to offer this type of valuable assistance as our team is comprised of both former corporate executives and professionals from the fields of human behavior and clinical / organizational psychology.

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